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The Harry K Foundation

Working to Defeat Childhood Hunger Throughout Delaware

“This is about the children in our area -- in Delaware -- who don't have enough to eat. We must work together to care for our children.”

The Harry K Foundation was established on the beliefs and principles of its creator Harry Keswani. Harry was born in England, his parents were both from India, and through them he learned of the devastating effects of poverty and starvation, especially for children. For years he worked together with a friend in India, a homeopathic doctor, to bring necessary care to those suffering in poverty in his native country. Harry’s beloved friend passed away a few years ago and he was left with a personal void, as well as an undying need to help those less fortunate. He was shocked and unnerved to hear of the rising problem of hunger and poverty in his local community. He was even more disturbed to hear that many school children consume their only meals while attending school, and will often go hungry in the evening and on weekends.

According to the USDA, with a population of just over 900,000 in Delaware the number of persons participating in SNAP for the 2012 Fiscal Year is 148,257. The number of households participating in SNAP in the 2012 Fiscal Year is 69,564. The average monthly benefit per person in 2012 was $127.36. The average monthly benefit per household for 2012 was $271.42. The household percentage of food insecurity from 2009-2011 was 10.9% of the total population, and an estimated 4.3% of Delawareans were experiencing very low food security.


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