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Our History

Harry Keswani Launched The Harry K Line in 2005

Harry Keswani started Atlantic Jewelry over 35 years ago. He began with only one storefront on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. Over those 35 years, he has since expanded his store twice, to become the largest fine jewelry retailer in the region. Although he has been custom-designing pieces for customers for years, about 10 years ago, he had a vision to launch his own brand--thus the beginning of the Harry K line.

It took years of building relations with renowned custom houses and factories along with his already established contacts. Ten years ago the first 40 pieces of the Harry K line made its first appearance, featuring unique designs, the finest quality diamonds and gemstones, and excellent craftmanship with every piece signed with the Harry K logo. Since then, his line has grown to well over 1000 pieces to satisfy the needs and desires of all customers.

Although the Harry K bridal collection is the most requested, his customers come from all over to purchase pieces from his exquisite diamond fashion and stunning gemstone collections as well. He continues to provide customers with trust, confidence and security with every purchase, which is the reason for his continued success over the years. And it is because of this success that Mr. Keswani's ultimate vision of taking the Harry K brand across the country in boutiques bearing the Harry K name is not too far off into the future.


What We Do

Harry K Jewelry

Harry Keswani creates one-of-a-kind custom jewelry to assist you in celebrating your most intimate and cherished moments. From providing that exceptional piece to ask that special someone to be yours forever, to locating the perfect piece to commemorate an anniversary, or discovering that unique token that is the perfect addition to your valued collection.

Our doors are open to the public! Stop by and see us today.