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Introducing: The Micro-Wedding

Getting married during a pandemic has proven to be a challenge, but far from an impossibility. And for those who are the most eager to tie the knot during these unprecedented times, we would like to introduce a lovely alternative to the typical over-the-top event: “The Micro-Wedding”.

What is a Micro-Wedding, you ask?
It’s different than a small wedding. Because a Micro-Wedding can be hosted practically anywhere; At a beloved home, an Air BNB, a destination, a restaurant, an art gallery or aquarium, at the beach, or a park… Couples are really thinking out-of-the-box and celebrating at non-traditional venues that typically cannot accommodate larger guest lists.


The biggest hurdle for couples seems to be thinning out the guest list. That’s why we recommend sticking to immediate family and your closest extended relatives and circle of friends. Consider forgoing plus-one’s and plan to celebrate with extended family and a larger circle of friends at a later date.


One of the most obvious positives of a smaller, “micro” wedding is you are left with a much larger budget to work with. The most expensive part of a wedding is the cost of venue, food, and beverage. With much fewer people, you do not need to book the large venue, the cost of food and drink is cut down exponentially, and you are able to focus keenly on the finer details.


With safety being the most important priority, set a precedent from the start that you plan to make this wedding a safe one.  Make sure to provide masks and sanitizer and proper social distancing reminders.


While all of the details are important, your rings are the symbolism of your marriage that extends past your wedding day! Harry K has been designing custom, handcrafted, certified diamond jewelry for over 30 years. Your pandemic-wedding may have rules and regulations, but creating a ring with Harry K has endless possibilities!

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