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Harry K’s Guide to Buying a Diamond Ring

For over 30 years, Harry K & Atlantic Jewelry have specialized in designing custom, handcrafted, certified diamond jewelry. We are honored that you have either chosen us -or are considering choosing us- to partner with you as you move into this next chapter of your love story. We are here to help you design an engagement ring that reflects your personal taste and also fits comfortably within your budget. Rest assured, when it comes to attention-to-detail and quality, there is no one better than us.

What does an engagement ring symbolize?
An engagement ring is an important ring that symbolizes a marriage proposal. It is one ring that shows that you are loved, and it also stands as a symbol that your relationship is heading in the right direction – marriage. While any ring can be used as an engagement ring, some of the best and most popular have diamonds.

The difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring
An engagement ring is used traditionally for a marriage proposal while the wedding ring is what partners exchange during their wedding ceremony. When it comes to a marriage proposal, the man intends to wow the woman, which is why the engagement ring is more decorative than the wedding ring. This does not make the wedding ring any less special it simply means that some people prefer their diamond engagement rings to flow for the occasion while the wedding ring would have more symbolism.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?
For a long time, people have placed a high mark on the price of engagement rings, and this fear has grown largely amongst people so much that they even fear to go and take a glance at them in stores. This is not the case, and according to a survey conducted by the Knot, the average cost of an engagement ring in the United States is $5,900. However, you can get an engagement ring that fits your budget.

Popular Metals Used in Engagement Rings
Even though there are many types of metals used for engagement rings, the most popular metal is platinum. Asides the use of the popular platinum metals, the rose gold and yellow gold, and the yellow gold engagement rings are also popularly used for engagement rings as they are attractive and good looking irrespective of the designs they are used for.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles and Settings
We have to understand that even with many technicalities attached to the engagement ring, these terms mean different things. For setting, it is used to define the technique used to make the diamond ring while the overall style is the overall outlook, including the setting of the gemstones and diamonds used.

Choosing the right diamond for you
When trying to research for the right diamond, you will come across the popular four Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat. This is not as complicated as it might seem, but it is something you need to understand. These factors have great significance to your understanding of diamonds. The cut, on the one hand, is what gives sparkle to the diamond.

Why are fancy-shaped diamonds a popular choice with people?
Beautiful things attract people, and for diamonds, the shape of the diamond is a major factor that constitutes whether or not an engagement ring is a popular choice. Fancy shaped diamonds are beautiful because they look different from the usual diamond rings. With the difference from the usual, you can bet that people would pay extra just to look different.

Customizing your diamond ring
You must have one specification or the other with regards to how you would want your diamond ring to look. Rather than making use of the usual over the counter preset styles; you can contact your diamond ring specialists with your specific designs and watch them bring them to reality. Make sure these are trusted diamond ring companies for you to get exactly what you want.

Bottom Line
A diamond ring is a special ring with significance to many occasions, as we have highlighted in some sections of this article, and you have to make sure that you do everything in your power to get it right.

Whether it is for an engagement or a wedding, or for whatever occasion you might want to make use of it, there is a lot to understand to get your money’s worth. We have been able to cover the basics of the engagement ring, and from this point, you can increase your understanding of the engagement ring and get a good diamond ring befitting any occasion you might want to make use of it.

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