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The Ruby Gemstone

February has arrived bringing with it Valentine’s Day and a sea of red hues. This color pushes in like the tide, it is striking and synonymous with emotions such as love, passion and power. Traits such as these are what make the ruby such a great choice for a Valentine’s gift! Now let’s take a look at the history of this precious gem.

Ruby Origins

The Ruby's name originates from the Latin word ruber, meaning red. It begins as a colorless mineral called corundum. When the element Chromium is added it gives the ruby its beautiful red color, and the varying hues of color come from the amount of chromium found in each gem. The north eastern hemisphere around Myanmar, north Vietnam and the Himalayas are known to produce some of the most exceptional rubies.

Ruby in Jewelry

The ruby’s presence in jewelry dates back to early European royalty. The ruby was worn because they believed it helped assure prosperity, knowledge, health and successful love. The ruby has also become the gem of choice for celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary and is also the birthstone for July.

If you want to capture the true passion of Valentine’s Day, a ruby is the perfect gem to express your love. If you would like help choosing your ruby, visit our Harry K showroom and we will assist you with your choice for this special holiday!

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