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Jewelry Gifting Tips

The tree is up and the stockings are hung, but not all is done. Now comes the difficult task of picking the right present for that special person! If you’re thinking jewelry but not sure what type or style to buy, here are some tips to help guide you through the process and aid in your decision.

  1. This goes without saying, but setting a budget on your gift(s) is a great start. Do some research on items beforehand, it will help to aid you in the process when you are shopping.
  2. See what kind of jewelry they are currently wearing. This will help you when it comes to making selections of that special gift. You want to ensure the gift you are about to purchase aligns with the kind of jewelry they currently wear.
  3. Make sure they are not allergic to particular metals. Nickel is the most common. Ensuring they don’t have any type of metal allergies will ensure your gift is able to be enjoyed and happily worn.
  4. You can add a touch of personalization to your special gift with a short message, initials or date. This will show you took the time to create something unique and thoughtful for them.

Looking for gifts can be difficult, especially when it comes to jewelry. We hope with these few simple tips it will help make your shopping experience during the holiday season slightly easier and more enjoyable! Wishing you a happy holidays and New Year!

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