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Pairing Jewelry with your outfit

Adding jewelry to your outfit is a great way to add some fun and sophistication to your look. However, pairing your jewelry to an outfit can become tricky at times, so we’re here to give you some helpful tips when making those choices. Then you can work to create a fantastic flawless look that could…
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Jewelry Gifting Tips

The tree is up and the stockings are hung, but not all is done. Now comes the difficult task of picking the right present for that special person! If you’re thinking jewelry but not sure what type or style to buy, here are some tips to help guide you through the process and aid in…
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Ring Metals

Rings today are offered in a variety of metals. From your traditional precious metals like gold, silver and platinum to the more modern materials now offered such as Tungsten, Titanium and Cobalt to name a few. With your more traditional metals Platinum is generally the purest metal, while Gold and Silver are both mixed with…
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The 4 C’s of Diamond Quality

When buying an item we often times go through an assessment to ascertain its value. When buying a diamond an assessment couldn’t be any more critical, especially when considering the importance of that purchase. To help with better understanding the value of a diamond its crucial to understand the 4 C’s of Diamond quality. The…
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